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What Factors Should One Consider When Buying a Lift Chair?

Purchasing a lift chair is undoubtedly a big decision. In order to ensure you are able to find the right chair for your needs, below, we have provided a full overview of everything you need to consider when making your purchase.

What Are Lift Chairs?

Lift Chair

Lift chairs are mobility aids that are designed to provide assistance when moving from a standing position to a seated position and vice versa.

Lift chairs use single or dual motors to tilt the seat upwards or at an angle, which makes it far easier to stand upright when compared to a conventional low, flat chair seat.

What Types of Lift Chairs Are Available?

Lift Chair Recliner

As a general rule, there will be three types of lift chairs available from any reputable medical supply store:

  • Standard lift chairs. These chairs work as described above, tilting or reclining in order to provide assistance when sitting down in the chair or standing up from it. Standard lift chairs are sometimes referred to as “two-position” chairs.

  • Three-position lift chairs. These chairs offer greater functionality, as they are usually able to recline to an almost-flat position. As a result, they are popular with individuals who intend to sleep in their chairs or use them for long periods.

  • Infinite lift chairs. Infinite position chairs offer the broadest range of functionality of all; often, the backrest, headrest, and footrest can all move independently, which helps to achieve maximum comfort for the user.

What Are the Benefits of Lift Chairs?

Man Relaxing on Lift Chair
  • Independence. Lift chairs are a fantastic way of increasing independence for those with mobility concerns, as the functionality of the chair allows individuals to stand or sit without the need of assistance from another person or handrails.

  • Risk minimization. If a person with mobility issues is attempting to sit or stand from a conventional chair, there is always the risk of injury - which a lift chair helps to minimize. In addition, lift chairs can also help home care assistants, friends, and family members to avoid injuries they may otherwise have sustained when helping a loved one use a conventional chair.

  • Comfort. Lift chairs are specifically designed with comfort in mind, with most models featuring padded seats and armrests. As a result, lift chairs are amongst the most comfortable chairs currently available on the market.

  • Pain relief. Chairs that are able to recline or tilt into a variety of different positions can help to relieve any pain you may experience when sitting in a standard chair. Some types of lift chairs allow you to alter the location of the head and footrests, so you can find a position that is ideally suited to your exact needs.

  • Safety. Lift chairs can allow a user to stand upright slowly and gently, which is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience issues related to postural hypertension. By helping to alleviate hypertension issues, the user is also less likely to experience trips and falls which can result from their condition.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Lift Chair?

Man measuring the length
  • Chair type. As highlighted above, there are three different types of lift chairs to choose from. In order to determine which is the best choice for you, think primarily about the amount of time you will spend in the chair. If you intend to use the chair only for short periods, then a standard two-position chair will usually suffice; longer periods of use are more suited to three-position or infinite chairs.

  • Intended use. If you are hoping to enjoy therapeutic benefits from your chair, it is essential to ensure you choose a style that is capable of providing the level of assistance you require. For example, if you experience issues with swollen legs, then you may want to ensure the chair you choose can help you to achieve the beneficial Trendelenburg position with ease.

  • Fabric maintenance. Lift chairs tend to be regularly used, so it is important to consider fabric maintenance when buying your chair. Leather, for example, wipes clean easily, and many lift chairs use fabrics that offer stain-resistant properties.

  • Fabric colors. A lift chair is a helpful medical device, but it is also a piece of furniture, so it is important to choose a color and/or pattern that suits your style preferences. It is particularly helpful to assess the color and pattern options in relation to your existing decor, so you can be sure of finding a chair that blends effortlessly with the room’s color scheme.

  • Size. Lift chairs are available in a range of different sizes, so it is important to consider the dimensions of any chair you are looking to buy and ensure these are appropriate for your height and weight. If the chair is too large or too small, the chair may not actually be able to offer much assistance when you are seeking to stand and change position. If possible, find a chair you already know you like, measure it, and use this as a guide when buying your lift chair.

  • Functionality. Some lift chairs offer more than the ability to tilt or recline; additional functions, such as massage capabilities, are also available. While these functions are not essential to the core benefits of using a lift chair, they can add an extra element of relaxation and comfort, so are well worth considering.

  • Price and warranty. Lift chair prices vary significantly, even within chairs of the same type, so you will need to factor the cost of your chair into your decision-making process. It is also helpful to look for product warranties, guarantees, or repair plans that can help to protect your investment for the future.

In conclusion

Hopefully, considering the factors above will help you to find a lift chair that is suitable for your specific needs.

If you require any further assistance with your lift chair purchase, please do not hesitate to contact Medical Market today. Thanks to our years of experience assisting our customers in their search for the perfect lift chair, hospital bed, or other suitable mobility aid, you can be sure of a seamless experience when choosing to buy from us.

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