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How To Avoid Injury And Be More Comfortable At Home With Lift Chairs?

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Mobility is something many of us don’t overthink about until we get older and find that we are more susceptible to accidents and injuries. We need to have ideas that are going to help us to remain fit and active as much as possible and boost our health as much as possible. This is why it is essential to look at how you can use lift chairs at home to help with this.

Lift chair recliners are an essential piece of kit for older people to have in the home, and they can offer so many benefits. You must look into this and do as much as you can to make sure you are making the right calls. There are plenty of excellent recliners out there that you might choose to have for your home, and this is something to consider moving forward. Here are some of the critical tips to help avoid injury and be more comfortable at home with lift chairs.

What Are Lift Chairs?

Lift Chair

Lift chairs are devices that will help people with mobility issues get up and downstairs, and get into and out of their wheelchairs. These motorized chairs can help users go from full recline to the standing position with consummate ease, and this is so important. These essential pieces of medical equipment generally tend to come in three main types:

Two-Position Lift Chair - The most basic form of a lift chair, offering customers 45-degree and 90-degree angles.

Three-Position Lift Chair - This is an option that contains the 45-degree and 90-degree angles, the same as above, but with an additional position that reclines to go nearly completely flat.

Infinite-Position Lift Chair - As above, but also allows for plenty more positions as well. There are so many options here to help you find the most comfortable place for you.

Benefits of Lift Chairs

Man sitting on Lift Chair

Lift chairs serve an essential purpose for a lot of people, and they have become an indispensable medical addition to many households. Providing at-home benefits to both patient and caregiver, these electric recliners are a vital tool in the process of treating mobility problems and helping guard against injury. These are some of the critical benefits of lift chairs:

  • Increased mobility

  • Increased mobility

  • Reduced chance of injuries

  • Elevation of legs which reduces swelling

  • Maintain muscle tone

  • Straightforward transfer to and from wheelchairs

  • Greater independence and improved quality of life

Lift chairs provide so many medical benefits and can help make day to day life significantly more comfortable for patients who are otherwise reasonably immobile. This is something you need to look into and consider when you are going to get one of these chairs for yourself.

Who Should Use Lift Chairs?

Old Man needs Lift chair

There are many reasons why a person might need to have a lift chair at home, and it’s not always something reserved for older people. There are so many illnesses and conditions out there that can restrict mobility and cause issues for people on a daily basis. These are the sorts of situations in which you could use a lift chair in the home to ensure you boost your quality of life. Issues with the joints and problems getting up from a seated position are just some of the factors that can make lift chairs a godsend in the home.

How They Can Help You Avoid Injury?

Man Relaxing on Lift Chair

Getting an electric recliner lift chair for your home is something that can help you to avoid accidents and injuries. These are crucial for anyone who has weak muscles, bones, or joints, as well as people who have been in an accident and were recently injured as a result. These are some of how power lift chairs can help you to avoid the risk of injury:

  • Emphasis on comfort

  • Ease getting in and out of the chair

  • Multiple positions for those less mobile

  • Helps with bone and muscle pain

  • Allows users to stand who may not be able to

Being able to use a lift chair to help you live your life daily without having to worry about the risk of injury every time you try to move or do anything is so important. This is why you need to make sure you have the perfect lift chair to use in your home.

Will Medicare Cover the Cost of These Chairs?

Showing Trust

When it comes to medical supplies and equipment, it can sometimes b confusing working out what is covered by your insurance and what isn’t. For many people, an electric recliner chair is essential for their well-being and independence, but is it covered by Medicare? The good news for a lot of people is lift chairs are covered by Plan B of the Medicare coverage, and the insurance will cover around 80% of the device. This can be hugely cost-effective for patients who might not have access to a lot of money.

Tips for Buying a Lift Chair

If you are going to be buying a lift chair, it is essential to make the right decisions so that you can be sure you have the best possible chair for you. It is crucial to consider the different attributes chairs have, as well as thinking about size, budget, style, and how great your need is. Here is a table with some of the critical elements to consider when you are choosing to buy a chair.

There are so many chairs out there you might consider buying for the home, and it is essential that you make the right choice. Lift chair recliner stores often stock many different types of lift chairs, and this gives you plenty of opportunities when it comes to choosing the right chair for you. Make sure you consider what your needs are and think about the best places to find this. Connect with Medical Market via a phone call, or their website, and check out what they have to offer you.

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